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Choose a
child-friendly holiday

At Dolomites Hotel Monte Pana, children are not just allowed. They are welcomed and pampered. We've prepared many surprises for them. Discover them all.

At Dolomites Hotel Monte Pana, we consider children to be important guests. We think this way because we were lucky enough to grow up in these woods and we know how wonderful it is to walk through them with the eyes of a child.

That’s why we put a lot of care and attention into creating attractions and opportunities for play and fun that will make your holiday with your kids unforgettable.

Check out everything the hotel offers for a holiday with children

01. For children

Magic and fun
on the PanaRaida

The PanaRaida adventure trail winds its way through the forests of Mount Pana, offering magic and fun to those who walk along it.

The PanaRaida starts at the car park of Dolomites Hotel Monte Pana. This exciting adventure trail, which winds through the beautiful woods above Santa Cristina in Val Gardena, consists of ten stations. Each station hosts a magical attraction which will entertain children of all ages.

Swing on the giant swing. Splash and spray your friends in the water park. Admire the works at the art gallery. Climb up to the treehouse. Hop on and off the wooden cable car. And while you play, try to keep your eyes and ears open. Among the trees, you may happen to hear or see Jokki, the lucky tree of Santa Cristina.

Download the map here

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02. For children

The wonderful world
of ponies

Meander through the meadows and woods of Val Gardena on the back of our sweet little ponies.

A short distance from the hotel, children can have fun riding the sweet little Ponyland ponies. On the backs of these docile animals, loved by young and old alike, you can ride through the meadows and woods surrounding the hotel. An unforgettable experience that will put you back in touch with nature. Suitable for the whole family.

03. For children

A couple of holes...
of mini golf

The hotel's miniature golf course promises exciting challenges up to the last hole.

Located on the lawn in front of the hotel, the mini golf course at Dolomites Hotel Monte Pana is perfect for enthralling challenges up to the last hole. Ideal for the whole family, this course offers holes of increasing difficulty that will put even the most skilled mini golfers to the test. Are you ready to become a champion?

04. For children

Ziplining over the woods
of Monte Pana

Experience the unforgettable thrill of ziplining over the woods of Monte Pana.

If going on holiday for you means collecting unforgettable, breathtaking moments, then a zipline experience is for you. Take the chairlift to Mont de Seura to reach the launch point, located almost 500 m higher than the hotel.

Once there, take off into the void, hanging from the cable. You’ll fly over the splendid woods around the hotel, gliding down towards Monte Pana, surrounded by the unmistakable landscape of Val Gardena.

After the first, quiet part of the route, once you pass the pylon things start to get serious. The 1536-metre descent is covered at full speed, up to 100 km/hour.

Emotion, adrenaline and beauty come together for an experience that will leave its mark.

05. Per i bambini

Have fun with your friends
in the hotel's mini club

Spend time with your friends, playing and having fun in the hotel's mini club.

The mini club is one of the best-loved spaces for our younger guests. Here children can have fun and play in complete safety. The mini club’s daily programme includes a large number of enjoyable and creative activities, designed to ward off boredom and create fun opportunities for children of all ages.

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