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Discover the beauty
of Val Gardena with us

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Val Gardena

In summer and winter, Val Gardena offers those who visit it breathtaking scenery, exciting activities and the charm of its history.

Val Gardena is located in South Tyrol, in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This valley is the cradle of an ancient and fascinating culture and traditions which, today, are handed down and kept alive by its proud inhabitants.

Val Gardena’s inhabitants are welcoming people who have travelled the length and breadth of the world over the centuries, never forgetting the beauty of its mountains, to which they love to return.

Admired and visited by tourists from all over the world, Val Gardena not only offers breathtaking natural landscapes, but also many activities in both summer and winter. In this section, we have selected some of our favourites. Discover them together with us!

Discover all the activities for each season

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01. Winter activities

Winter in Val Gardena

Immersed in the magical atmosphere of the snowy slopes, engaged in exciting sports

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02. Summer activities

Summer in Val Gardena

Trips and excursions to discover the beauty of the Dolomites.

The mountains are calling and I must go

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