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Enticing and cosy relaxation
in the saunas

Saunas and steam baths enrich our wellness area with their cosy relaxation.

When your muscles start to get stiff and demand a little attention after an intense day of sport and outdoor activities, that’s when you know it’s sauna time. This is a moment that many of our guests have been longing for, and they know they can find the warm and cosy relaxation they need in the hotel’s wellness area.

Here, caressed by warm colours and pleasant natural sounds, you will find the hot Finnish sauna, the steamy Turkish bath and the colourful infrared sauna. Perfect for experiencing moments of intense pleasure, while the body expels the fatigue accumulated during the day and recharges itself for upcoming adventures.

The range of saunas and baths also includes a small Kneipp course, an ice grotto, showers and a relaxation room with comfortable water beds, perfect for recharging your batteries after a sauna experience.

The mountains are calling and I must go

John Muir